B5 percentage listed at half of true value for several foods

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[Oops, I didn't see the bug forum. I cant' figure out how to delete this, but will post this there.]

This is a bug, and I'm not sure of the correct place to post this, so please feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.

I'm looking up the B5 content of various foods because I seem to be a little low, and I just noticed something strange in the entry for avocados. One avocado is listed as having 1.99 mg of B5, which Cronometer lists as 19.9% of the 5 mg daily value. However, 1.99 mg is actually 39.8% of 5 mg. That's double what's actually listed. Mushrooms, cooked from fresh and carrots are also listed as having half of their real daily value when you do the math. (The number listed is correct, but the percent daily value is off.)

I checked some other foods that were fine, so I'm not sure how many foods have this issue. Can someone please look into this? The good news is that maybe my B5 isn't as low as I think it is. :-)


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