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Most of my usage of cronometer is entering food each day. Often times this means copy/pasting food from a previous day. I love that you guys have the copy/paste feature. Typically I go back to a previous day and multi-select some entries, then right-click, copy. Then I scroll back over to the current day and click the gear icon, then paste. It would be really useful if I could go back to a previous day, multi-select some entries, then right-click, and choose "Send to Today's Diary" which would copy/paste the selected entries into the current day's diary. Seems like it'd be pretty low hanging fruit implementation-wise.


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    Thanks for the great suggestion @ChuckClaunch !

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  • Just curious if this has had any movement?

  • Hi @ChuckClaunch thanks for following up. We do not have this slated to be added imminently as we are currently working on some big projects. It is on the list for our designer to look through and decide priority though! We love user feedback, and you're right this would be a pretty easy one!

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    Another vote for this feature. Seems pretty trivial to add (in my opinion as a software engineer), at least in the web version, and at least for one food. Simply add another menu item to the context menu for right clicking on foods. The code to copy and paste already exists. I'd be really surprised if this took more than 10 lines of code or an hour of QA.

    Please add copy to today

    As I showed in another post, a lot of people eat today the same things they've eaten in the past few days.

    This is a tiny feature - just adding one context menu option - which would make it far easier to add commonly eaten foods. Right click -> Copy to today. Done.

    The current flow is unnecessarily cumbersome:
    1. Go back several days (click, click, click on the day selector)
    2. Visually scan for the food until you find it
    3. Right click
    4. Choose Copy Selected Items
    5. Go forward to the current day (click, click, click, ...)
    6. Right click an existing food (because you can't right click an empty space)
    7. Click paste.

    Steps 4, 5, 6, 7 would be avoided by adding the "Copy to today" feature. Just kidding, maybe users would enjoy that feature more than a new splash screen :)

  • MyFitnessPal has a "Copy to today" menu item, and I've been using it all the time.

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