Continuously change weight info as I lose weight?

Hi. After initial weight entry on setting up one’s profile, are you supposed to keep updating your weight loss as you lose it? I ask because as i change/update my actual weight biometric, it changes and further drops the calorie daily allowance. Or are you supposed to just leave the initial weight as you were when you began and initially set your targets?

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    Your current weight is used as one of the variables in calculating your BMR, so yes updating your weight will update your calorie budget. Like DavidCHolley, I typically have my scale data imported via sync (my scale syncs with FitBit and Cronometer pulls in the data from FitBit).


  • I have a Renpho smart scale that uploads my weight to Apple Health. From there is't pulled in automatically.

  • Thanks so much Robartsd. Perfect. I was secretly fishing for and hoping the answer would somehow NOT involve lowering my calorie budget. Oh well. More celery sticks!! But its been working great for me. Thanks again.

  • My earliest food entries in Cronometer were a bit over 5 months ago. I was about 50 lbs heavier and my BMR estimated by Cronometer was about 260 calories higher.

    There are different formulas to calculate BMR. Cronometer uses Mifflin St. Jeor which is based on weight, height, gender, and age (your Cronometer calorie budget will go down by 5 on your birthday). The Katch-McArdle formula is based only on lean body mass, so it doesn't change as much with fat loss (180 calories over the same period as above, about 1/3 of my total weight loss ha been water which is included in lean body mass); but if you need to lose weight, it results in lower values than the Miffin St. Jeor formula.

    I don't strictly restrict myself to my calorie budget each day, but I do look back over the past few days and try to keep the average at or below my budget.

  • Do I have to log in my weight every week after I loose weight?

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    Technically, you don't have to since not logging your weight will not herald the apocalypse or otherwise bring out the destruction of all mankind.

    I do think though that logging your weight daily (regardless if it shows a gain or loss) is always a good idea since it calls out progress. For me, it was/is good to look back at where I'm at given where I've been. I'm glad that I bought a smart scale since it automatically captures my weight and logs it. It's once thing that I have to do in my day. Regardless, I will stick with the same scale throughout.

    I was using a mechanical scale with springs and realized that it may not have been providing an accurate reading. Not to mention that even if it did, there was room for error given that I had to read the scale myself. It was good in terms of general weight, but not so great in terms of actual weight due to the design of the face. 220 lbs versus 210 lbs is obvious enough, but telling the different between 213 lbs and 212 lbs wasn't so easy. Using a digital scale eliminates any possibility of error in reading it. Plus, seeing that I'm at 212.1 lbs versus 212.9 lbs helps where as the mechanical would be read as 212 lbs either way.

  • Excellent. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

  • Like DavidCHolley, I like that my digital smart scale syncs up, so I don't have to manually update my weight. I think he overrates the ease of reading the digital scale. There is much too much variation in daily weight for tenth's of a pound to matter much. If I only had a spring scale, I'd simply just log my weight once a week. The reason I really like my smart scale is that it also gives an estimate of body composition (% fat, water, protein, bone) giving a better idea of what should change to improve health than weight alone.

  • @DavidCHolley Love my Withings smart scale...1st thing daily. It keeps me accountable and focused. I've been able to identify cause and effect rapidly so I can correct asap. I like the details: body fat/water/muscle/BMI. I keep a tape close to the scale and do a quick measurement weekly. Any tools that keep me moving are my friend :)

  • A buddy of mine harassed me yesterday for weighing myself daily thinking that it's not a good thing for me. In the past, there have been moments when it wasn't, but is generally good overall as its needed for the weekly average weight.

  • from what i’ve read and heard, its best to avoid daily weight checks as well, bc you can fluctuate day to day down or up which can then be discouraging when trying to lose weight but if strictly following a regiment, weekly checks will Almost always be positive

  • @Booman Daily weight checks are fine once you accept that multiple factors can affect your weight on a daily basis. The amount of waste in the system, your electrolyte balance and overnight weeing, the amount of food you ate the night before etc etc. I do weigh daily and over the 6 months I have been doing this now the graph is a steady decline looking at the straight line but the usual pattern is down, up slightly, up a bit more, down even lower repeating every few days. Wonder what might cause that ;)

  • Can we have more than just withings weight & body fat percentage integrated into cronometer? Considering the Withings scale also measures muscle mass, I'd love to see that updated daily whenever I stand on the scales.

  • @dil You can create custom Biometrics. Here's how.

  • Hi @haildodger yes this is what I’ve done but I’m wondering why it can’t be automatically synced across the same way weight and body fat % are from the Withings scale.

  • But do you still have to update everything manually on the newer version? I mean, doesn't that information get synchronized into the system automatically? I have been using a new smart scale that automatically updates the information, as it can also estimate the fat percentage in your body. Well, I guess that's the dream for any woman out there. Having such a bathroom scale actually helps you lose weight as you can monitor everything easily without any need to go to the gym, medical staff, or things like that.

  • @dil (see Nov 2020) "Can we have more than just withings weight & body fat percentage integrated into cronometer?" -- Two years later and the withings body+ composition values still are not updated daily on cronometer. TWO YEARS!!! @haildodger (see Nov 2020) "You can create custom Biometrics." -- Tried that for about a month what a PITA, too much daily time consuming data entry, not a viable option.

    So why aren't all body composition values from the withings body+ scale imported, automatically, daily?

    Seems like a body composition analysis widget on the new dashboard might be a welcome new "useful" addition
    using these values, similar to this.

  • I weigh myself every morning on my digital scale, remember the number, type it in. Ain’t hard. And yes, every day. It helps me keep good data and to see trend lines. I know it’s going to fluctuate and that’s fine. The downward trend is the important thing.

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