I have been using cronometer for two months, but just realized there is a forum. I have done Keto for 7 weeks and really like it. Previously did Paleo. I am not a sweet lover...prefer salty. I have the hardest time keeping my protein low. I seem to always go over. I find I have to enter my food for the entire day to see where the macros are falling and then make adjustments before I actually eat. I do the bulletproof coffee in the morning and am usually good until 2pm or after. I am still trying to break the cycle of 3 meals a day. All of my food has been from Kendra Holley cookbooks. I love to cook so trying new recipes daily has been great for me. My grocery bills were horrible the first month as it took lots of $ to get all the necessary ingredients for the foods. However now that I have all the ingredients it should start to get into the normal range. My biggest fear is traveling for the next several weeks and not cooking and preparing my own meals. Suggestions???


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