Back in March 2021 I was a Carb Manager subscribing member. They were doing major update to their program and it was fraught with errors. Out of frustration I cancelled my subscription and downloaded Cronometer to fill the gap. When Carb Manager got all the wrinkles sorted out I returned to their app. When inputting new foods I started noticing discrepancies on many of the carb values to that of what a specific manufacturer may state at their website. The reason I found to be a lot of member input that is inaccurate. That I have found is not a practiced at Cronometer.Becoming more and more discouraged at the time involved to accurately input specific foods I remembered my short experience with Cronometer. I did a month long side by side test of the two sites and have come to the conclusion that Cronometer far surpasses Carb Manager on accuracy and legitimate food values. So after reestablishing my account I have elected to become a Gold Member to support this site. I've been a member of both My Fitness Pal and Carb Manager and can say unequivocally that Cronometer is by far the hands down winner in this arena