How to Change Target Calories

I have edited my macros (what percentage of fat/carbs/protein) but when I click on calories to edit the caloric target, the box pops up but it will not let me change the caloric target. It says, "This macronutrient target is currently overridden by your Dynamic Macro Nutrient Target settings. If you want this to be a specific value, set it to 'Fixed Targets.'"

I don't know what to do next. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance!

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    Hi @Angela_P ,
    It sounds like your macronutrient targets are set using a dynamic macronutrient ratio, meaning they will change based on other factors such as exercise, biometrics and foods eaten in the day. Setting your targets in this section means setting a ratio, not setting gram amount targets of each macronutrient.

    To set your macronutrient targets as a numeric value, select "Fixed Targets" in the "Macronutrient Targets" section of your profile page. Then, in the "Nutritional Targets" section of the profile page (Bottom Left) enter your desired target range in each of the corresponding Tabs. Make sure you have selected the box under 'Custom' to change your target number from the default RDA amount.

    You can learn more about the difference between fixed and dynamic Macronutrient targets here:

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    Hi @Angela_P ,
    Is your maximum or minimum target set as 20g? The percentage will be calculated based on your minimum target being 100%. (Make sure you have set net Carbs or total carbs as well, based on what you are interested in tracking!)


  • Thank you so much! It worked, but now it leads to another question. I successfully changed my targets, but now when I look at the bottom of the Diary page where the targets are, it is saying I hit 250% of my carb target, when in fact I have had only 7 out of 20 maximum. Why are my numbers coming out wrong? I did refresh the page.

    Thank you!

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