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When I eat out at the same restaurants over and over I end up getting the same one or two things. What this looks like from a tracking perspective is me thinking about when I ate there last, finding the day, and then copy/pasting that between the two days. If I want to create a "standard" meal then I have to manually do that. It'd be great if one of the multi-select options was to be able to create a new recipe out of the selected items.


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    Hello @HankG ,

    You'll be happy to hear that one of our Gold subscription features is the ability to create custom recipes from multi-selected items.

    On the website, you can create a recipe from previously entered foods by multi-selecting all the ingredients entered into your diary on a specific day by holding down the 'Shift' key; right click on them and select "Create Recipe from Selected items".

    In the mobile app, you can multi-select items by going to the "...'' icon on the top right of your phone screen. Once the desired items have been selected, click on the gear icon beside ''Multi-Select Mode'' and tap ''Create Recipe from Selection''.


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    OH cool I didn't know that was a feature! As a gold member I very much like that ability and will use it a bunch :)

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    edited August 2019

    This seems to be broken on Safari on Mac. I select 2+ items in my Diary, but as soon as I right-click, only the item I clicked on remains selected, not 2+. And there is no option to make Create Recipe from Selected Items. Am I missing something?

    Under the Gear icon, I can select "Copy Selected Items" (it will copy & paste multiple items). But there is no option for "Create Recipe from Selection".

    When I right-click, I get the same option to "Copy Selected Items" (plural) but only one remains selected.

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