Phone app not using new weight if logged early morning (AEST)

Submitting the issue report now that I'm able to reproduce it for the second week. This is similar to an issue I reported in the past.

1. Add biometric weight on Android phone app. I did this early morning AEST.
2. Rrefresh phone app (just in case) and add activity. The activity is using the weight from the previous log, not the newly added weight.
3. Go to profile on phone app. The weight still shows the previous value from last week despite showing the latest update date.
4. Go to profile on web app. The weight is showing the correct latest value and date.
5. If I relog the weight later in the day on the phone app, it will start acknowledging the latest weight.

You can view an example on my account; I haven't fixed it this time round. The new weight was logged on 16 Jun 2018 (Sat). On the web app, it's showing the correct weight on the profile and use for activities. On the phone app, it's both showing and using the weight from the previous week (8 Jun 2018, Fri).


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