Minimum and Maximum values and how they work.

The basic idea for these targets is that you need to get at least 100% of the minimum value each day to have good nutrition, and for nutrients that have a maximum, you want to also not go over the maximum value.

It seems like based on this that you should be able to reach the maximum allowed amount and not show that you have gone over - if it is allowed why should it show that you've exceeded your limit?

It's something I've been vaguely confused about but only now asking. :) Thanks.


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    There are different combinations of minimum and maximum values. I think this is the current behaviour.

    blankblankNo min, no maxBar says "No Target"
    valueblankHas min, no maxBar shows % achieved based on minimum
    blankvalueNo min, has maxBar says "No Target" even when maximum exceeded
    0valueMin is 0, has maxBar says n/a until maximum exceeded, then highlight red
    valuevalueHas min and maxBar shows % minimum achieved, until maximum exceeded then highlight red

    etc. If you are in between the min and max values, the nutrient bar should stay green, so Cronometer isn't really telling you off for going over the minimum.

    Or is there something else that's confusing you?

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