How to create a second variation of a recipe without deleting the first?

In making a new recipe, I want to be able to save time by copying over an older version of it, then making changes to it and saving the changes without deleting the original. Is it possible to do this?

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    Hi @Crackerjack , by editing a copy of your recipe you will retain the original copy as well as @Vickie says! I recommend naming your copy something different than the original recipe so you can keep track of which is which!
    Have you explored the 'Explode Recipe' feature as well? If you have used a variation of a recipe that you know you will only use once, you can add the original recipe to your diary, right click on it, then select 'Explode recipe'. You will then be able to review and edit each ingredient separately in your diary.

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  • You should be able to edit a copy. Find your food or recipe, click the gear icon near the upper right corner, select "Edit a Copy" from the dropdown menu, edit then save the changes.

  • Yes, thank you. But when you save the changes, you lose the first version of the recipe. Any way I can keep both?

  • Thanks, I guess I was afraid to save under a new name, as I was under the impression (since it asks if I want older entries to be updated) that the original recipe was permanently altered as well. Thanks for your help, both Vickie and Hillary. I appreciate your having taken the time. (PS - I did just about the explosion feature. What a great trick! I like having both options a great deal!)

  • Hi @crackerjack
    Make sure you have selected 'Edit a copy' from the settings menu! If the dialogue appears asking you if you would like to update old entries, that means you are still editing the existing recipe! BEFORE you make the edits to a recipe, select 'Edit a copy' from the settings menu. Then make the settings to this new copy! Once you have created the copy, you should see that Cronometer has already added the '[Copy]' to the food name in order to differentiate it.

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  • Oh my. Important detail. So glad you warned me. Now the trick will be to remember...

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