Custom Macros - Protein field won't allow more than 2 digits

I'm unable to enter a 3 digit quantity in the protein field. I tried from my phone and in a web browser on a PC.


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    Tech Support got back to me, I was using the wrong setting, should be using Fixed instead of Custom:

    "It sounds like you are attempting to set your Macronutrient target settings to "Custom". By setting a Custom macronutrient ratio, your macronutrient targets will be dynamic, meaning they will change based on other factors such as exercise, biometrics and foods eaten in the day.
    Setting your targets in this section means setting a ratio, not setting gram amount targets of each macronutrient.

    To set your macronutrient targets as a numeric value, select "Fixed Targets" in the "Macronutrient Targets" section of your profile page.

    Then, in the "Nutritional Targets" section of the profile page (Bottom Left) enter your desired target range in each of the corresponding Tabs."

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