Multi select from my diary to paste items into recipe

Is it possible to add a paste feature to the recipe page. I add the same items (about 20) to my morning (last all day) shake and currently just copy the items from prior day. Not a big deal but I woul like to build recipes for single entry if possible. Very low “Nice to Have” priority.


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    You can do this! (Unless I am misunderstanding) As a Gold subscriber, you can multiselect the items in your diary by holding the shift key while selecting items and then right click (ctrl-click on mac) on the selection and choose "create recipe from selected items". Make sure you name the recipe and set a serving size, and don't forget to save the recipe! Once you have done this, you can then search for the recipe to add, moving forwards.
    Doing this will not create a recipe in the day in which you entered the ingredients separately, but will create a recipe for future use.

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    Okay, I see that the feature I s.there for monthly subscribers. Still considering whether to subscribe or not. So far love the app and the fantastic support. That alone makes me want to subscribe. However, still trying out this and two others. So much work dialing these apps in that I want to make sure the relationship will be long and enjoyable first. 😍👍🤠

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