"suggest foods" reset???

Is there a way to reset the oracle search to any foods I may have thumb downed? I wish I wouldn't have done that. I thought it would reset each time I went in there, but I don't see those foods now when I wish I would.

I click on suggest foods and I have "vegan" selected

Is there a way to have all the foods suggested again including what I previously added to dislike?

I hope this makes sense.



  • Hi @kwickland,
    It's not gone forever! The more you select the thumbs down on a food, the less often it will populate your suggestions, but it isn't gone forever!
    Int he future, to remove a food from your current suggestions but not mark it down, you can use the 'x'

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  • ahhhhh gotcha thanks! I just have to be careful not to use that thumbs down, since ya never know when you might like it! :) THANKS!!!!

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