Printing the Current Day's list of Items?

Once I make up my menu of items for the day, I would like to print only the items for reference throughout the day. Is this possible? Thank you.


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    Gold subscribers can generate reports which can include your diary and your notes. Here are the steps:

    1) Go to the website https://cronometer.com
    2) Go to the 'Trends' tab
    3) Go to the 'Full Report' tab
    4) Tick off the 'Daily Diary' box
    5) Select Generate Report, From there you will have the option to print your report.

    Alternatively, Non-Gold users can also export the data into .csv format (Excel) by going to the 'Profile' tab, selecting the 'Gear' icon in the 'Account Information' section, selecting 'Export Data', and then choosing 'Export Servings'. However this format won't be as user friendly as the report generated for gold subscribers.

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