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This is my first day with cronometer. In this section, I understand the BMR and the Exercise activity in the burned chart. but I don't understand how You determine the Burned Activity.


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    Welcome to Cronometer, @jmbel !

    Your activity level is an estimate of the calories you burn throughout the day beyond your basal metabolic rate (BMR), including activities of daily living and exercise.
    We recommend leaving the setting on the default Sedentary and logging your exercise activities separately by adding an activity on the diary page. Another good option is to set your activity level to None and sync your account to a wearable activity tracker that counts general movement throughout the day.

    You can adjust your activity level settings in the Profile tab of your account!

    None: Comatose or using an activity tracker which includes general activity.
    Sedentary (BMR x 0.2): Little or no exercise. You will burn some additional calories over and above BMR even for light activity such as watching TV, working at a desk, or sleeping. Use this setting if you are synced to a device that tracks workouts only (not tracking general activity).
    Lightly Active (BMR x 0.375): Light Exercise/ Sports 1-3 days/ week
    Moderately Active (BMR x 0.5): Moderate Exercise 3-5 days/ week
    Very Active (BMR x 0.9): Very Strenuous Exercise or daily physical job.
    Custom: Set your own fixed daily value for calories burned due to general exercise

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    Thx Hilary!

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