If I’m tracking activity in Apple Health and have it synced to Cronometer, am I double counting base

The number of calories burned from “Activity” in Cronometer matches the number of calories burned in my Activity (Apple Health) application at the end of a day during which I have not exercised. Am I double counting by having them both? If the answer is no, what is the difference between the calories Cronometer estimates I burn on top of my base metabolic rate and the calories Apple estimates I burn from walking around / standing / going about life?


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    @williamraj if you are importing general activity from Apple health, you should set your activity to "None" On Cronometer to avoid double counting.
    We import the total day's BMR and Activity level at the beginning of the day in order to make diet planning a bit easier (No surprises at the end of the day!) Many activity trackers add the general activity and BMR values as the day proceeds, so this is why the values may not match until the end of the day.
    We multiply by set factors based on which activity level you have set. If apple health is measuring your activity thoughout the day this will be a much more accurate value than our estimation!

    For reference, Cronometer's activity levels are as follows:

    None: Comatose or using an activity tracker which includes general activity.
    Sedentary (BMR x 0.2): Little or no exercise. You will burn some additional calories over and above BMR even for light activity such as watching TV, working at a desk, or sleeping. Use this setting if you are synced to a device that tracks workouts only (not tracking general activity).
    Lightly Active (BMR x 0.375): Light Exercise/ Sports 1-3 days/ week
    Moderately Active (BMR x 0.5): Moderate Exercise 3-5 days/ week
    Very Active (BMR x 0.9): Very Strenuous Exercise or daily physical job.
    Custom: Set your own fixed daily value for calories burned due to general exercise

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    As an FYI because of this discussion I actually did some research on my Omron unit and it is in fact BlueTooth enabled. If you download OmronWellness app (not OmronConnect) it can push the data into Health Kit. Cronometer can be configured to read BP data from Health Kit. That gives me automatic BP readings in Cronometer. Thanks! There is probably a similarly available data flow on Android.

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