Macronutrient Targets - carbs and fat bars not colouring to show usage

As you can see in the image, the carb and fat bars are not filling to give a visual representation of usage. The ring pie charts on the left are fine.

If I ping the carb level up to over my limit, it gets a red border around the bar, but still no fill.

This screenshot is from the current FF build, but it's the same in Chrome or on the Android app.

It started a couple of days ago, IIRC.

Any ideas?


  • Hi @juice ,
    Do you have targets defined for Net Carbs and Fat? Look in the area below (Nutrient Targets) to see if you have targets set for these nutrients. You can change you targets on the Profile tab of your account under the section labelled "Nutritional targets"
    If the problem persists, please contact [email protected]

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  • Oops, forgot to answer this. That's what had happened, it had dropped the targets for some reason, no idea why, but putting them back fixed it.

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