Portioning my recipes by weight

Hey all, I've just started using cronometer and am enjoying it for the most part.

I am having trouble with serving sizes on my own recipes, hoping someone can help.

So what I want to do is input the total weight of a recipe that I've made, and when I serve myself I can weigh what I'm eating and it figure out the nutrients.

For instance, I've made a loaf of keto bread. It weighs 640 grams. When I put in the recipe it says it weighs 743 grams ... ok whatever, but I just want to tell it there are 640 grams and then I can weigh however many grams I eat at a time. Something like serving size = 1g , servings per recipe = 640. For the life of me I can't get it to work.

Any advice?


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    Has your keto bread lost weight because of the evaporated water content? If so, I would do a negative water trick by adding "tap water" as an ingredient, and add -103g to the recipe. This will reduce the water weight of your bread by that amount, giving the recipe weight of you measured 640g.

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