Nutrient Target section: what does N/A mean

Hello, I am setting up sugars and added sugars (both have targets set. However in the nutritional Target section over view it show both as N/A. All other nutrients I selected were showing correctly.


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    Do you have your minimum value set to 0? The target is calculated based on a % of the minimum value until it exceeds the maximum, and nothing can be a percentage of 0. To get around that, try setting your minimum to 0.00001g.

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    Hi Vickie. Thanks for your reply. With your explanation I was able to set it up the way I want. If I want to set a limit on sugar, I have to set the minimum and maximum to be the same values (once it shows in red I know I went over). For nutrients with no maximum, like fibre, I can leave max blank and enter only the minimum (and I aim to have the graph show in green).

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