Two features that would make Cronometer even better

've tried all the calorie counting apps and Cronometer is still my favorite one. I've used it for 3 years and it's helped me achieve single digit body fat.

There are two features that if added would be a huge help in my opinion:

1) Be able to access recipes on the mobile app. I have preprogrammed recipes and sometimes I forget the ingredients and want to pull it up right on my phone in the kitchen while I'm cooking. Right now I can only get to that on a computer.

2) Be able to set different calorie targets depending on the day. I would like to set the day to either "training day" daily targets or "rest day" daily targets. A lot of training programs call for more carbs and overall calories on training days, for example.


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    1) On the mobile app, you can get access to the recipes. If you tap Foods at the bottom, it will show your custom foods and recipes. If you have a lot of them, you may have to scroll a bit to see them. If you tap the recipe, you can see the ingredients listed.


    2) I can see how this would be valuable. Several different reasons why you might want to have different calorie requirements for different days.


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