Difficulty reaching 40 grams of carbs

That’s a lot of veggies. I don’t have time or interest in prepping and eating all of that. Usually the best I can do is 20. :( ????

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  • @ElkWest - I would say if you're not hungry and you're eating veggies, then I would consider adjusting your macro targets. What I ended up having to do is set mine to Custom. You can then adjust your protein and carbohydrate numbers.

    Depending on how strict you want to maintain keto, you may consider adjusting your protein down some. How long have you been doing keto? Have you noticed a steady increase in body fat? I know weight fluctuates some day to day. How often are you checking?

    If your body is in ketosis, I would say that your diet is doing what its supposed to - as far as putting you in ketosis.



  • Are you doing a ketogenic diet? My understanding of keto is that the 40g of carbs is an upper limit. In other words, you shouldnt eat any more than 40g. So if you eat 20, thats fine. In general terms, as I understand it, is that a ketogenic diet is low carb, moderate protein, and high fat.

    I would say if you're only able to do 20, you're ok.


  • Yes, it’s Keto. I started using Cronometer several days ago and I was just doing about 20. But for the Keto program, it says 40 carbs, 46 protein, and 96 fat to lose half pound a week.

  • Most people who go on keto tend to go over carbs; this is the first time I've heard someone struggling to eat more! If you're eating enough non-starchy vegetables and fibre, etc, according to the micronutrient breakdown, then is there a need to get 40g carbs?

  • @Vickie - likely depends on how you're tracking your carbs, also. For example, I always track total carbs instead of net carbs. For most people, net carbs is probably ok, as it negates the fiber (as you likely already know). I would say if you're eating some leafy green veggies and getting nutrients/fiber, then 40g is probably not an issue. If you're not eating clean though, then it probably becomes a bigger issue (eating more processed foods or eating out more instead of cooking).


  • I know, it seems weird to me too. I’m just going according to what cronometer recommends. I think I had a better handle on things without their “advice.” And I know everyone is different. I’m measuring all food on digital scale. Before cronometer I was at 60-80 grams protein, 20 grams gross carbs, 130-170 grams fat; weight was 125 and 28.9% body fat. Now after almost a week on cronometer, I’m down to 124.7 but body fat has steadily gone up to 29.5. Plus resting heart weight is way up to 70! Pee strips indicate moderate ketosis. I’m just so confused. Regarding vegetables, I’m only eating ones that are recommended, no grains, no fruit, no real or fake sweeteners. I don’t see how I could eat more. My plate is full and I’m not experiencing any cravings or hunger. Sorry this is so long. 🙁

  • I started Keto last week of July. I was just taking advice from friend who limited carbs to 20 grams. I was already eating grain free, so when I started with all the fat I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of hunger and cravings. I love the plan, but I was hoping to see better results with fat loss. I weigh myself every morning near the same time. It’s frustrating to see fat at 28.9 go up to 29.5 in 5 days using the cronometer suggestions. I like your idea of going in and changing the settings.
    Here’s maybe another thing. I just turned 66, but I’m in great health; no drugs only a couple supplements a day. I do resistance training 3 times a week and try to get a leisurely walk in every day. I have plenty of energy.
    So I think I’ll go back to the plan I was on before cronometer and see if I can regain lost ground. Thank you all for your help.

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