Blood Glucose Biometric Entry Inconsistency

edited September 2018 in Bug Reports

On the web version, when I enter my blood glucose readings, I go to Add Biometric and select Blood Glucose. Since I started entering them, Ive always used the mg/dl unit of measurement. Cronometer seems to remember that Im using mg/dl vs mmol/L.

However, I noticed a section on the diary page that says Ketogenic Biomarkers. In it contains a link to log Glucose readings. So I clicked on it, and it popped up with a Add Measurement for Blood Glucose, but the unit of measurement was mmol/L? Im guessing mmol/L is the default unit of measurement.

Obviously changing the unit of measurement is not that big of a deal, but it seems like if the software is remembering the unit of measurement when I select from the dropdown list, then the same unit of measurement should be used if Im adding the biometric from the Ketogenic Biomarkers section as well.


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