Cronometer food calories not being exported to Fitbit

What it says on the tin.

Data from my Fitbit, e.g. hours slept, imports into Fitbit seamlessly. However, my caloric intake doesn't get exported to Fitbit.

I'm a CM Gold subscriber. I have about three weeks of food logs filled, all days marked complete (except for today, of course).

The options I have ticked under Account Settings > Devices > Fitbit are "Import Sleep" and "Export Food Calories". (Not that it should matter, but I also have my Nokia/Withings scale synced to import weight and body fat %.)

The Fitbit app version I'm on is 2.571 (2193168). I'm using a Fitbit Charge 2.

Please let me know if there's additional info I can provide.


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    Hi @hazelnut. Sometimes fitbit syncing can take a few hours, as they aggressively throttle calls to their public API. Can you see if anything has synced to fitbit since yesterday? If not, please email our support@cronometer.com with more details about your account so we can take a deeper look for you.

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    Thanks for the reply, @Aaron. Unfortunately, it's been several weeks and none of my data has been synced. I'll send that email now.

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    FYI for anyone else who winds up Googling this: I contacted Support and... didn't really get an answer or any advice, other than "no one else has this problem, so we can't figure it out". So... I guess it's broken until more people complain about it?

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    Hi @hazelnut. My apologies for your support ticket not getting the attention it needs. Can you please try re-linking again? We made a few changes recently and I'd like to make sure they didn't correct the problem. I'm taking the ticket now so I'll personally make sure we get to the bottom of this one!

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    @Aaron, I've replied in the ticket, but for the sake of other folks who might come across this page:

    Yes, the latest CM update has fixed the infinite reauthorization bug I was hitting before, which is great. I'm waiting a bit longer to see if CM's data syncs to Fitbit, given the throttling issues you mentioned with Fitbit's API.

    Thanks! :)

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    A (slightly embarrassing) update: the issue was my fault. You need to give Cronometer permissions to read and write all 5 of the Fitbit data types during the authorization step, even if you decide not to import/export all 5 types of data in the Cronometer settings page checkboxes. D'oh.

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    HI my cronometer is displaying kcal and the same number is exported to fitbit charge 2, which shows the number as cals, which one is correct?
    how to sync them?

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    Hi @mmm ,

    Calories and kcal are the same! Food calories or large calories, the Calories used on food labels, are in fact kcals. The ''C'' is capitalized on Calories to avoid the confusion with small calories.

    So we use kcal in Cronometer and Fitbit uses Calories :)


    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Just had this issue, thanks for the follow up :)

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    I just downloaded the app and followed instructions to link to my fitbit, the info on my fitibit was transferred to cronometer with no problem however the food log has not exported to my fitbit app. It's been about 4 hours since my last entry, what should I do?

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