Editing Diary Items

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I'm having some difficulty editing Diary Items. When I click on the value I'd like to edit, it does not become editable (nothing happens). I've already tried clearing my cache, but still nothing. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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    A few things to check:
    1. Has your diary entry been marked as day complete? If so, make sure it is "incomplete" again via top right gear logo (web app) or 3 dots (phone app).
    2. Where did you click? On the web app, amount, unit and calories are all editable fields, but Description isn't.
    3. Do you have plugins on the browser that may be interfering somehow? Try running incognito / private browsing mode with plugins disabled?

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    Good Suggestions @Vickie !

    That is exactly where I would start @vic . If you are still having trouble we might need some more info in order to get to the bottom of the issue if it persists. You can email us at support@cronometer.com and we will help you work things out and /or log any bugs that might be showing up.

    Spencer D.
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    Thanks for the suggestions @Vickie It was a plugin that was preventing the editing functionality. All is working now. Thanks so much for your help!!! Have a good one :)

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