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When adding a new recipe there is often the choice of 'cooked' or 'raw'. So with the example of onions, would I put cooked or raw? They are raw when I add them to the recipe but by the end they are cooked. Weight wise this will make a difference to the final total.
I have been using cronometer for nearly a month now and found it very helpful. Covering so many of the nutrients has made me aware of the days when I have either lacked a particular nutrient or eaten too much of one. I am following low carb under the guidance of my Doctor and aiming for 120g carbs per day.


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    If you weigh your food raw, I'd log it is as raw. I've previously shared this in the old forum, but a trick I use to get cooked equivalent of food is this:

    1. Weigh food as raw.
    2. Add diary entry with raw food weight. Note the calorie value.
    3. Add diary entry for cooked food. Click and change the calorie to match that of the raw food.
    4. Delete raw food entry.
    5. Voila! Cooked food nutrients based on raw food weight.
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    One other trick you can use when creating a custom recipe with the raw ingredients, which we recommend doing in general, is adding a negative water amount to adjust the weight after it is cooked. Losing water is usually accounts for most of the weight change when cooking food. You'll have to re-weigh the food after you cook it, but it will give you more accurate nutrient density per serving of the recipe

    Spencer D.
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