How to get the nutritional profile of beans?

Hi, i wanted to know how to weight beans. For example if i want to get the nutritional profile of 200 gr of Garbanzo beans that cronometer gives me... do i have to eat 200 gr of cooked garbanzo beans or do i have to cooked 200 gr of dried Garbanzo beans and eat the final result with the additional water weight? I would really appreciate some inside, thanks


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    Entries from the NCCDB tends to be the cooked/ready-to-eat version unless it states that it's dry or raw. You can also check by adding 100g of a food and see how much water content is in it where it's not immediately clear.

    In your case, 200g of "Garbanzo Beans, Chickpeas, Cooked from Dried" from the NCCDB should be pretty unambiguous. You would eat 200g of the cooked chickpeas.

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