Recipes: add post-cooking/baking prepared weight to better allocate nutrients -> servings

This has been discussed in the forums, but I didn't see a feature request. Cooking tends to evaporate water from ingredients. Thus a measured post-cooking serving doesn't accurately capture the correct percentage of the original ingredient nutrients.

For example, I made an Avocado Loaf today. The ingredients weighed about 640g. After baking, the loaves weighed 566g. If I consume a 75g serving, I'd like that serving to have 75/566 % of the overall macro/micro nutrients from the recipe, not 75/640 % of the nutrients. (Extra credit for allowing/assuming the weight change was due to lost water and changing the water component.)

An equivalent (which I'd probably prefer) would be some sort of "Preparation Weight Loss Percentage" variable for the recipe, which I could set to 12% or whatever.


  • I'm looking for some "vote for this feature" button. This would be great.

  • Until we have that feature, you can use the negative water trick. Go to your recipe and add water as an ingredient, and fill in "-74g". That should bring your avocado loaf down to the baked weight. The weight loss is probably due to evaporation as you said so the nutrients shouldn't be far off.


  • Okay that's going into my bag of tricks. Thanks Vickie!

  • Yes I would love this feature as I am always adjusting for finished weight of recipe. thanks

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