trying to input a recipe

casserole... how do you put in that it is has 8 servings and i want 1 serving which would be an 1/8th of the ingredients


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    edited November 2018

    You can either save the serving size in the recipe itself:

    1. Foods -> Your Custom Recipes -> edit the recipe.
    2. Click on green + sign under Serving Sizes.
    3. Set Grams of 1 Serving to the weight of full recipe divided by 8 (e.g. if full recipe has total weight 1200g, set 1 Serving to be 150g).
    4. Use "1 Serving" when logging food on diary.

    Or you can do so while logging the food on the day of consumption:

    1. Search for recipe in diary log, keep "full recipe" as the unit.
    2. Log "0.125 (= 1/8) full recipe" on diary.
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