B Vitamins Display Incorrectly in Diary

No matter what I do, B Vitamins consistently display incorrectly in the Food Diary.
For example, when I tried to add 1 cup coconut milk which has 50% DV of B12, my diary displays 125% even though I only added 1 cup and there is nothing else in my diary. All other information like protein, fat, carbs, other vitamins, etc are all correct. Only the B Vitamins are wrong. Looking at the food itself in your database works just fine. On the food label my milk is 50% DV at 3 micrograms, and my diary is also 3 micrograms, yet again the percentage says 125% on diary. I've also tried different diary days, web browsers, and mobile/desktop app. All result in the same problem. Nutritional Yeast is an even bigger example. Nutritional Yeast has many B Vitamins. All the values are correct on the food label itself, but again, when added to the diary the values are completely wrong, sometimes off by three times or more. When I look at the food itself, the B Vitamins display correctly under "American" label, but not "American 2016". I looked for an option to set my Diary to display as American but don't see such an option.

B Vitamins are very crucial for me to track as I don't eat much meat. All the food labels show correct B Vitamin values, but when added to the Diary they are now all incorrect. I am not sure what is happening and this is extremely frustrating.


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    A lot of people confuse DRI's with %DV, it is a common error. The %DV that you see on nutrition labels is a standardized value used for nutrition labels to help people better understand amounts on labels.
    In the Cronometer Calories Summary, the Nutrient Targets section shows your nutrition targets for the day. Each target has an optional minimum and maximum value. By default, the minimum is set to the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) value for your body type, and the maximum is set to the Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL), when available, values which can be quite different than the %DV value on a label.

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