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I recently tried purchasing a couple of bluetooth scales. I got the Weight Gurus and FitIndex. These are both pretty good options, but neither syncs with Cronometer directly. They sync with Google Fit (which then syncs over to Cronometer), but they only sync Weight.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best options out for 2018 for a smart scale that can sync, either directly or indirectly to Cronometer, and will Sync ALL datapoints (body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, etc, and not just weight).



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    Great idea... seems like no one has a suggestion but I would love that sync capability because I weigh in every morning... keeps me focused.

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    Qardio syncs instantly with Cronometer, although only body fat and weight; with Apple Health (my "hub") it also reports BMI. Would be nice to add the other data points especially water weight which could be a sign of dehydration. Bone mass would only change in months if at all and muscle mass would change in two or more weeks only if purposely gaining or losing.

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    I've not weighed myself for weeks, as my scales have broken! I'd love to get some Bluetooth ones which sync with Cronometer. I wonder if there are any others apart from Qardio.a

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