Who else is peeved by the weight change indicator?

Firstly, Cronometer is working on changing this. I think I need to gripe about it, though. When you know you have lost 4.8 lbs over 7 days and yet the weight change indicator now states that your weight has changed by 1.8lbs??????? yes I have had two days within those 7, where my weight hasn't changed, but really??? The graphs are a much better indicator of what is happening on the journey but seeing that weight change indicator telling porkies is frustrating.


  • average weight change...you may thank them for it after a holiday. i don't use it though, as my bathroom scale is motivating enough.

  • average weight change...you might like it after a binge, but yeah, not so fun while staying true to your food plan. I just don't use that part as my bathroom scale is enough motivation. helpful if u need to track which foods cause a weight gain though.

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