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I am thinking about purchasing a fitness tracker to monitor my heart rate while I am exercising in the pool during water aerobics. I am not really interested in the other features such as sleep tracking, GPS, etc. I want a device that is easy to use, accurate and is waterproof for water aerobics (not lap swimming). Does anyone have any experience with this specific use. Thank you in advance.


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    Heart rate monitoring in the water is very tricky and none of the budget devices from Fitbit etc. can do it even remotely accurately. For basically anything else I would recommend any old Fitbit with optical heart rate, but not for tracking heart rate in the water. Bluetooth chest straps don't work either, since Bluetooth is not able to transmit through water. You could go with an older Polar watch with radio strap, the H7 strap in combination with the V800 watch would support both frequencies very well and both are available used a very reasonable prices currently. Another option would be the current Polar chest strap H10 which is able to record your data during the water activity and sync it later via bluetooth to the Beat app or a watch once you are out of the water. If you don't want to wear a chest strap at all in the water, then the only option that comes to mind is the newest generation of Polar watches which claim to be able to record optical heart rate while in the water fairly accurately. Your best bet for this would probably be the Polar Vantage M.

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    What I am usingFitbit fitness tracker is that it seems to be waterproof. Although there is no GPS, it works very well if you use it to calculate calories and running distance. It allows me to see more intuitively how much I did, I used a fitness tracker. This data helps a lot.

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    How do I correct calories from Fit Bit. After a 50 min walk, Fit Bit activity in Cronometer shows -1150. It should be around 450.

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