Apple Health Workout and Active Energy

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I did a 100-minute hike today. Cronometer imported both a 100-minute Workout and 112 minutes of Active Energy. The former reported 797.7 kcal and the latter reported 372.5 kcal. Both are coming from my Apple Watch (series 3). Do I need to turn off Cronometer’s access to one of the data feeds? Or are both legit? Are the Active Energy calories just my BMR/RMR burn? Nah, that can’t be right...


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    I think you could burn about 700 when hiking. The first result seems more reliable

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    It is a pretty controversial question. I don’t use the apple health app for estimating m fitness results lately. At first, I thought everything was fine, but then I started suspecting I had lost more calories. Apple devices showed me I lost about 300 kcal every time I went to the gym to work out.

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    However, when I calculated the kilograms I lost, I understood it wouldn’t be precise because of my quick loss. I changed my eating, which was always pretty nutritious and healthy, and I didn’t do the deficit. However, I started taking steroids Canada. I started taking them the day I first went to the gym. I think these also may impact the result. Still, the app is mistaken

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