Calorie balance

Hi everyone & Happy New Year,
Does anyone know why in the calorie summary it shows a deficite of -1966 in the balance section before I've eaten any thing ?


  • You have answered that question yourself when you wrote that you haven't eaten anything :) the daily balance calculates your daily expenditure (BMR+activities) which for you obviously are 1966 calories and adds to that the calories from you meals that day, which of course are zero if you haven't eaten anything yet. That means for the day so far you have a caloric deficit of 1966.

  • But its first thing in the morning before breakfast even ?

  • It always shows the data for the entire day at any time of the day, so even at one minute past midnight it would show you the entire caloric balance for this day. You probably assumed that it adjusts the data gradually throughout the day like a watch or a tracker would, but that's not the case. It always shows the total of each day.

  • So it's how many calories I need for the day not an actual deficite.

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