Does Anyone Use Oura

Thinking about getting a fitness tracker. I don't want or need smartphone technology. I was looking at the Oura. I like that the battery holds a charge for up to 7 days. I also like that you can get it wet. I love that its not a rubbery, ugly piece of equipment on your wrist!

I've had a Fitbit in the past and didn't like it. My arm constantly itched where it touched my skin. I had to charge it often and would forget it on the charger and got to a point where I didn't wear it for days! I also had an iPhone Watch. My hands shake, so trying to touch little tiny things on a little tiny screen were infuriating! Plus it had to be charged every day. I'm just not that willing to be consumed with my technology. I need something that allows me to live my life and be present and not tied down to electrical cords.

Anyone have an Oura and can give feedback on the practicality and ease of use? Or is there something similar and compatible that is a must have?


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    I am using the Oura ring since a month now and I love it! It's all I wished for and I have no complaints. I didn't want to wear something around my wrist and also didn't want to carry around my phone all the time.

    I love the integration with cronometer. Since I always wear the ring, I have lowered my activity level to "none" and only use the activity calories counted by the ring (y)

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