Search bug?

Very quirky searching. An example: I want to add Chobani Hint of Monterey Strawberry yogurt to my diary. (It's not in there, but two "hint of" versions are, which is fine.) I am in the All tab.

If I type chobani, I see Chobani and only Chobani items which makes sense.

I then start typing the word hint.

h, no change. Not enough characters I guess.

hi, starts narrowing the selection to 7 Chobani matches.

hin, now there are a LOT of results, mostly irrelevant ones like "corn dumplings" or "linseed oil" with no hin (almost like it is now matching the "in" of "hin"??)

hint. Finally, now I have chobani hint and the selection is including cobani or hint OR MINT!

Note that if I type "chobani hint" (in quotes) it shows all foods with chobani OR hint. But if I type "hint chobani" (in quotes) it gives completely results, for example only showing the two "Chobanis Hint Of" products but also matching things that have "thin" in their name.

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