Thinking of buying a Nokia 'Go'

Before I buy the Nokia 'Go' I want to make sure it will sync with my chronometer app. Can anyone answer this for me? Thanks, Karen


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    We can currently sync weight, body fat %, sleep, activity, heart rate, and blood pressure from Nokia devices.

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    Thanks, Aaron. I sure hope it works better than my Fitbit. The fitbit never recorded my steps anywhere close to accurate.

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    Well, I'll post another comment after having a GO for awhile. Wearing it on my wrist, it was no better at accurately counting my steps. I had a knee replacement several yrs ago and wonder if its the knee or if I walk too softly or what?!?! I then put it in my pocket trying to see if this would help in accuracy....then I accidentally sent it through the washing machine. Ruined it for sure. I swore off all counters for awhile but just got another GO after getting a coupon for $30 off. I will try again on my torso .....

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