[Bug] Initial download and screen review - Day 1


Loving the clean look of the interface, even though I'm on the free app....the ads are not too overwhelming. That said, I did run across two things in my initial playing around before I start recording today's meals...OS/Details below the bullets:

  • Under the "Trends" Area, The "Calories Consumed" chart and "Metrics/Weight" chart will not load. Powercycled the device and confirmed I had a full and robust internet connection (over 100MB up and down). I simply get the spinning progress wheel. The nutrition report in this same section loads without issue.

  • The new version of the app, under my profile, changed my current weight based on my last weigh-in. That'd be great, except it changed the weight to a round number. In this case, it lowered the weight by .3 pounds, but doing this will lead to other challenges in both tracking, and progress management of my weight goals.

I have screenshots of all of this, but see no way in the forum to attach a file to this post. If there is one, let me know and I'll attach.


Android 9.0 (January 2019 patched)
Google Pixel 2
5-Bar Wifi Connection (100mb up/down bandwidth)


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