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First of all congrats on the new app! I can see a lot of enhancements in terms of performance :)

I just have a few points regarding the UI that I'll list below:

  • The actions menu button is hard to click on, I usually have to click on it a few times before it actually opens
  • The design of the actions menu is a bit confusing as it is using the UI elements of iOS, which makes it feel weird to have it on an Android device, it feels out of place
  • When adding or editing a food item, the checkbox for adding the time is now only accessible when you click on the time dropdown, it would be more convenient to have it outside so that I don't have to double check if it is checked or not everytime I add or edit something, so maybe if the checkbox is next to the dropdown this would enhance the experience for me
  • On the bright side, I really like the changes in the top section with the summary, also reordering items in the diary has improved drastically!

Congrats again and if anything needs further clarification, feel free to get back to me :)



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    @mek Just wanted to say thanks for the great feedback!

    Spencer D.
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    Hi, I hope, it's okay, if I leave my feedback here aswell.

    Thank you for putting in the effort of enhancing cronometer and also thank you for letting me be a part of it! So far the experience has been very pleasant.

    The things that I want to give you feedback on are the following:

    • in the Trends-Page I now have too much scrolling to do.

      • I liked it better to have the 5 "speedometers" in one view.
      • also the nutrients list had more overview to me, when it was collapsable.
    • I loved it, that cronometer was telling me "to reach your goal you should burn xx more calories today" instead of "over!", because I found that motivating and non-judgemental.

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