Numerous suggestions (bugs and feature requests)

This is going to be a comprehensive list of issues/requests things I've noticed.

  • I will be eating produce and often don't know what variety of apple I'm eating. The entire list of PLU codes can be found HERE. You already accept 4011 for bananas but not much else. It would be so helpful for thinks like plums and peaches if you could just enter the PLU code.
  • On the web, it's easy to edit calories after they've been entered. I often have to play around on the mobile app with ridiculous numbers like 1.088 servings to get it to the right number of calories. The mobile app should be more forgiving and just allow you to edit the precise number of calories instead of having to fudge it. I often to this to save time, because I'm more concerned about logging the calories than the exact item...esp since the library IF you have the item can be wrong, so I have to change the servings to decimal values
  • Image 1 shows a bug on the top banner of text overlay
  • Image 2 and 3 show how "Delete" is redundant. It should NOT be on both sides. It can prevent user error. Maybe have an edit there instead.

  • I'd like the Weight Goal to be in the main settings menu. It's too hidden/hard to find.


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