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Currently, we can sort a list of 20 foods, by nutrient, from highest to lowest. Would like to be able to sort that list from lowest to highest, too


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    Thanks for the suggestion! We have had other requests for this as well; we have added it to our feature request list.

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    edited February 2019

    Or instead of doing it in reverse from low to high, a simpler and faster solution is to just expand the current sort feature algorithm out from a maximum of 10 highest to "sort all". Edit: If you only have 10 foods, it's not a problem to read from the bottom to top to know about whichever nutrient. But I have saved a list of all fruits and vegetables (at least 40) which I refer to occasionally. Right know I'm trying to get an idea which are the lowest in methionine. That requires that I highlight 10 to see which are the lowest, then highlight another 10, etc. It would be nice to see all 40+ at a glance.

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