All *individual food items in one table on diary page showing P/C/F and total cals

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Just discovered this forum! :) I love the tracking in Cronometer. Just need an Apple Watch app.

I'd like ALL the foods on one page in the diary view like myplate! or myfitnesspal so I can see which foods I want to juggle/eliminate.
You can't see everything without a lot of clicks at the moment.

This is what i'm after

You can see protein, carbs, fats and totals which makes life easy.

At the moment, Crono shows amount/unit/calories which doesn't give me much meaningful data to work with which is surprising for such a nutritionally focused app.
C/P/F or at least customizing the diary page is much more useful. If you're doing keto for example, you can see at a glance with MFP what foods are carb offenders, etc.

I know it's a small and hard-working team so please consider this! It's just adding a few more columns so we can create our own table on the diary page!


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