Beta Build 2 Is Out! [Release Notes]

Hi All,

We have just released the second beta build this morning. You should see your app update today, along with a ton of changes and fixes. Below is a summary of what has changed. As always, keep the feedback and bugs coming. Y’all have been super helpful with finding issues that we haven’t come across ourselves. We really appreciate the help!

So as for the changes in this build:

  • The pie chart on the diary should no longer get deformed when you add/edit food
  • The charts should load without issue
  • A number of small bug fixes on the custom food and recipe editors that make adding and editing custom entries much smoother
  • We have addressed some of the rounding issues that have been reported throughout the app
  • We added the Report Issue feature back in, so if you see a food with an error you can tell us about it.
  • Lots of little graphical and UI fixes.

If you have any specific questions on anything that we may or may not have changed, just post them here. If you have any issues getting the new build, just email me and we can get you sorted.



Spencer D.
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