[BUG] Weight Metric Chart not displaying data

Weight Metric Chart not displaying any of my recordings. When any of the settings are changed, the following error message displays in a loop: Unsupported operation: Infinity or NaN toInt
iOS Beta version:

Web Version:


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    edited February 2019

    For me it works when set to kg, not working in lbs. I'm not getting the error.

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    Allan's observation is correct. When set to KG, the issue is not present. The issue is when the units are changed to LBS.

    iPhone XR
    OS version: 12.1.4

    Steps to recreate the issue:
    1. Open app
    2. Select Trends
    3. Select CHARTS and scroll to Metrics Chart
    4. Make sure the Charted Metric is set to Weight
    5. Change the Charted Unit to LBS
    6. Modify any of the following parameters: Include Today, Date Range, Zoom to Fit

    I get the error every time I do this. It does not happen when the units are set to KG.

    In addition to the error I described in my first post, the chart is not plotting the values.

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