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********I have a question regarding the Activity Level setting configuration. I noticed that the None description includes users using an activity tracker. My questions are:
Should I select this option if I have a wearable activity tracker such as Apple Watch or another brand?
If only used a Heart Rate monitor while working out, should I then pick any of the other options (that is, the more that describes your activity effort)?


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    If you only use an activity tracker for logging workouts, you should use the sedentary option, so that you daily general activity is still accounted for.
    Make sure your activity tracker is properly synced to Cronometer by following the instructions listed here:

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  • Just wondering why not None? If you see the image above, the description for None says "comatose, or using an activity tracker". Can you explain why Sedentary vs None? Thanks in advance @Hilary :smile:

  • Hi @ernesto_carreras ,
    If you are only wearing an activity tracker while logging workouts, you should choose sedentary so that the rest of your daily activity (Non-workout) is accounted for. Choosing none assumes that you do not move, or are accounting for that movement via a different way - either manually adding the calories or using an activity tracker 24-7.

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  • Hello, do I still need to track/input my exercise even though I have clicked the moderate activity option?

  • @Andyburn77 If you have chosen the moderate activity level setting and your activity level for your day matches the description, there is no need to log any extra. If this is how you are choosing to log activity however, you may need to log separate exercise if you do unusuallly more activity than normal.

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  • I will say that I wear my Garmin Forerunner except for about 30 minutes a day and import activity calories.

    My activity setting is = NONE and it is scary accurate when averaged over time for both weight loss and now mainteanance between Cronometer and Garmin Data>

    over the past month I show a 1lb weight loss with a daily average deficit of 34 calories - so add the activity calories not accounted for for the 30 minutes my logger is off and it seems downright spot on!

    Cronometer has been with me for 130# weight loss and 4 months so far of maintenance! FWIW basically no sugar, no flour, meals planned in advance - winds up being about 40% carbs-40% fat and 20% protein overall for me. The fat is mostly good fat and I struggle to get enough omega 6 because of low amount of processed foods.

  • I have an apple watch but I don't wear it at night when I am sleeping. Should I still have my activity level at "none"? Thanks

  • @Mary_47 that's a bit of an in between case. In general I would recommend using your watch one of two ways:
    1. Wear your watch only for exercising and set your activity level to sedentary
    2. Wear your watch all the time (including sleep) and choose "None"

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