[Bug} iOS Beta 3.0 (284) Apple Healthkit Health Access Approval Dialog

This beta release is a big step forward for the Apple Healthkit integration - nice!

How I tested:

  • Uninstall iOS Beta 3.0 (284) version from testing earlier today (I selected KEEP healthkit data!).
  • Install the App Store Cronometer Gold version.
  • Login and enable Apple Healthkit importing.
  • Force close app, reopen to ensure sync.
  • Reinstall the iOS Beta 3.0 (284) version.
  • Open settings, select "Connect Apple Healthkit".
  • Apple's Health Access Approval Dialog opens correctly (yay, this is a bug fix).
  • Unfortunately, all items are missing except for Waist Circumference (see screenshot).
  • Selected "Turn All Categories On" and then "Allow".
  • Dialog Closes.

I checked the Apple Health app and all items are there and enabled correctly (see partial screenshot).

Buggy Health Access Dialog:

Health App:


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