[BUG] Adding Custom Recipe Ingredients Goes to Diary Instead

Running Version 3.0 (286).

I was just entering a custom recipe in the app and instead of ingredients getting added to my recipe, they ended up in my diary and not in the recipe.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to the Foods tab and tape "+ ADD CUSTOM RECIPE"
  • Enter "Anthony's premium almond" and wait for the search results to display - there should only be one. Tap it and then notice the "want better data" ingredient suggestion at the bottom. Tap that suggested generic "Almond Flour," enter a numeric value for the ingredient and click add.
  • Observe that the ingredient is not listed in the recipe...
  • Cancel the recipe entry and go to your diary and notice that the ingredient added to the recipe ended up in the diary instead.

Also noteworthy: I have enabled "always multi-add foods to diary," which also applies to custom recipe entries. I'm not sure if this contributed to the issue I'm seeing, but wanted to add the information here.


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