[suggestion] Web Interface: Handling of Right Mouse Button Clicks on Diary Groups

I wouldn't consider this a bug, but rather just a UX pain point that I experience with the web interface. I'm not sure if the beta forum is the correct place to make this comment, but hopefully it's ok...

When left clicking a given diary group it selects/de-selects all items within that group. This is a nice feature. But the same is also true for right clicks, which bring up the contextual menu... So if you've selected all of the items in a diary group (manually one by one, or through clicking the group header) and you right-click to bring up the contextual menu on that group, it de-selects all the items in the group.

I'd love to see a tweak in that right click behavior where the standard single click behavior is retained, and having right clicks bring up the contextual menu to copy/delete items without affecting the selection of items in the group.

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