[Bug] Forums don't open inside the app anymore

Hi, since build 287 the forum doesn't open inside the app anymore. Once I click on "Community Forums" my browser opens. I did not manage to log on to the forum through the browser, which makes giving feedback harder.

these lines I write from my laptop.

Was it a concious decision to take the forums out of the app or is this a bug?
For testing it was really convenient to have the forums "in" the app.


  • See thread titled “[Bug] iOS no ‘previous’ button in Forums” from February 25

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    sorry, I fail to see how the two topics are related. I have no issues with the "previous"-button.

    The forums used to open within the app, which was very comfortable, and now they don't. Maybe that's not a bug, but it's a little annoying.

    also: I should have mentioned that this is on Android, not IOS.

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    in other words

    open in default browser not in app

  • Yep, this was an intentional change since it was ambiguous back behaviour when embedded.

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