Macronutrients range

Since there is an area for putting in a range of macronutrients I feel like the tracking bar should have a range as well. Right now, it only tracks to the minimum set macro or calorie count but for someone like me who does eat within a range, I'd like to know if I'm approaching my true max. I don't want my minimum to appear as my max and when I go over that amount it says I've exceeded 100%.


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    100% is the min value you set. At the max value the percentage value turns red.

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    Oh! Ok. Thank you for that info.

    However, It would be easier to follow if there was some sort of goal number or line represented. Simply saying I'm 110% of my goal doesn't help me remember how close I am to my max grams. Especially when my daily consumption changes based on my activity type and level and is not always consistent.

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